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esé studio

Vas. Sofias  62 , 11528  Athens, Greece
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In 2011 esé Studio Architects was born from a new collaboration Between Sotos Mallas and Aaron Ritenour. The  partnership was a result of a long time friendship and wonderful results after many previous collaborations.  The name of the office is based on the first letters of the founders names S+A=esé. We believe in two things inspired design and happy customers, if we can successfully combine these two things we’ve hit our mark.


Aaron Ritenour architect

In 2002 Aaron graduated with honors with a Masters of Architecture from the California Polytechnic University.

Between semesters in 2000 and 2001 Aaron won the prestigious LT Shanks Scholarship first to trace the advent of modern architecture across Europe and second to study the middle age construction methods in the Aegean and mainland Greece. His travels took him from Meteora to Santorini Island, what started as a new found passion for historical methods of craft and construction combined with the natural beauty of Greece, turned eventually into a complete change of Location.

Following his Graduation he worked for two prestigious modern architecture offices in Los Angeles, Michael Folonis and William Adams, until finally landing a position at the Mehrdad Yazdani Design Studio, participating in large and complex educational projects.

In 2004 Aaron moved to Greece to follow his passion for architecture that focuses on good craftsmanship mixed with a deep concern for local and global environments. Upon arriving in Greece he joined a boutique design office to work on custom family homes as well as branded spaces like Biente Kitchen stores.

In 2007 Aaron went into private practice and opened the Ard Studio in Athens, Greece. The practice combined the respect for real-solid materials and traditional methods with sustainable design to build beautiful experience-rich architecture in residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces.

Aaron’s work has been published in Architectural Record Digital, In Style, The Graduate design Journal, Casaviva, Ellinikes kateskeves and glow magazine. Aaron’s conceptual and built work has been exhibited in Los Angeles and Athens, his LA courthouse won first prize from the American Institute of Architects design competition, and he is a proud member of the Sustainable Design Forum.


Sotiris Mallas interior architect

Sotiris  received his degree from the Department of Interior Architecture at the School of Graphic Design and Art Studies in Athens.  Having met his bachelor educational requirements his thirst for adventure and design brought him to further research  at the Facultad de Bellas Artes in Madrid.  Possessing a true Mediterranean spirit one thing was certain, he was a design addicted then and his dedication and addiction to his craft even now has had big dividends in the design world.

His passion for street style, architecture, design, the combination of them all and their influence on people’s lifestyle, is the driving inspiration for his cutting edge work.

As a design principal, Sotiris is heading a team of three designers, responsible from the conceptual design, which enhances customer requirements, to the finalization of the project and its technical specifications.

A creative, driven architect, he meets his clients needs, executing keen solutions with caution and designing environments that inspire those who experience them to want more.

Sotiris work  is located in several places in Athens (Ensayar store, Biente cucine, Hugo Boss orange showroom and many others ) and the greek islands (mezzo mezzo store Corfu), and also published in Archdaily.com, CasaViva, and several other  magazines.