About us

esé studio

20 Massalias street , Kolonaki 10680  Athens, Greece

(+30) 210 7524 608




In 2011 esé Studio Architects was born from a collaboration between Sotiris Mallas and Aaron Ritenour. The partnership is a result of a longtime friendship and wonderful results after many previous collaborations. The name of the office is based on the first letters of the founders names S+A=esé.

We are passionate about two things equally: inspired architecture and interior design, and happy customers, if we can successfully combine these two things we’ve hit our mark. Our core thoughts on the experience of architecture can be summed up more simply than one might imagine: it must uplift us while functioning in harmony with our daily lives.

Our chosen architectural language focuses on the experience of the space and resists fashion and trends, where innovation and tradition are both honored. Our process is one of discovery, a search to find what pleases us and creating an environment that will embrace these qualities and sustain the people that live and work there.

We enjoy a rich but reserved material palette full of pure and tactile materials. We balance this sense of warmth, texture, and natural light with crisp and rigorous architectural forms. The products, furniture and craftsman we employ are carefully sourced and procured on each project. Implementing these goals, requires imagination, hard work, and a dedicated team of many talented people.